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Is bad breath bothering you? Check your tonsils. The most common cause of bad breath in any person is often found to be the accumulation of tonsil stones in the crevices of the tonsils. Tonsil stones are tiny, soft, round shaped, off-white colored lumps or chunks that can be seen at the back of the throat and tonsils. If these stones become large in size, they create a bad smell and taste in the mouth, making it a horrible experience for anyone. You must be wondering how these are created.

Tonsil stones build up in the holes of the tonsils called crypts. Since crypts are hollow shaped, any bit of food, bacteria and germs can easily pile up there in the mouth. To be precise, the food remains that your saliva cannot digest get stored in these hollow areas. Similarly, post nasal drip, mucous and other such substances also get stuck there. If these things continue to pile up in the pockets, the size of the tonsil stones also gets increased until they are removed. Adding to this, infectious tonsils lead to greater stone buildups as these tend to increase the size of the tonsil crypts also. Though these stones protect your body from catching infection because they curb the decaying bits of food from spreading in the mouth, if you leave these untreated for too long, your tonsils may get infected.

According to doctors and health consultants, tonsils stones are not very dangerous. However, you need to be alert when you sense these developing in your mouth. It means that your respiratory system and mouth are not clean. It’s a signal that you have to take extra care of your oral health. To ensure this, you need to do regular gargling with lukewarm salt water. It will help you stop the growth of bacteria and food residue in your mouth, ultimately resulting in better and fresh breath.

How to dislodge tonsil stones at home

The other signs or causes of tonsil stones in addition to the post natal drip, bacteria and food deposits, can be any of the following – Autoimmune Disorders, Alcohol, Toxins from the Environment, Allergy, Sinus Infections, Stress and others. If you want your tonsils to remain unaffected by any of the aforementioned conditions, then adopt a few preventive measures at home. These will help you fight all these causes of tonsil stones effectively. These include:

  • Try to cough up sharply so that loose tonsil stones come out on their own.
  • Use a cotton swab to pull out tonsil stones from the pockets of your tonsils. Since the back of your throat is sensitive, you have to do it very gently without scraping it.
  • Brush your teeth twice daily in the morning and before going to sleep so that bacteria and germs cannot attack your mouth and ultimately, your tonsils.
  • Use a tongue cleaner to remove the food residues and bacterial pile-ups at the back of your mouth.

However if the problem is severe, do contact a doctor for a consultation before it turns into a pain.

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